Be the best version of you

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Are you searching for ‘personal trainer Auckland’? Go one better and get an effective food and fitness coach. Call me now on 021 923 430.

You can hunt all you like for ‘weight loss programme’, ‘Auckland personal trainer’, ‘Auckland nutritionist’ or ‘best personal trainer in Auckland’, but you’ll only find success if you work on your head as well as your body. I can help you with that.

I’m an Auckland personal trainer, fitness guru, food coach and confidence builder.

When you want to lose weight or get fit – or both – I can give you the self-belief, education and practical programmes you need to reach your goals. I’m a one-stop-shop. A complete fitness and food coach with exactly the combination of skills required for your success. I’ll work on your mind as well as your body, so that unhelpful old habits are replaced with positive new habits. I help men and women of all ages to be the best they can be.

Your dedicated personal trainer – in person or online

While I’m based at a leading Auckland gym, I also work with clients online. My food and fitness coaching can be in person or via email and phone calls.

Recognise yourself here?

  • You’ve been on the weight loss treadmill for some time, but can’t seem to shake off the final five kilos – all that’s standing between you and your optimal body.
  • You have a major weight loss journey in front of you – 20 kilos or more – and need help with getting going.
  • You have no complaints about your weight, but clothes are getting tighter because you’re losing your youthful muscle tone.
  • Your fitness programme is stuck in a rut and your body isn’t improving any more. You need something new to shake you off your fitness plateau.
  • You’re a total couch potato who needs someone to crack the whip and get you moving.
  • You hate the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that comes with gym classes. You want personalisation.

 A personalised programme just for you

Your personalised programme will be designed explicitly to give you a kick in the right direction. It’ll make you feel good, it’ll give you energy and you can expect results. Best of all, the new habits you’ll learn can become permanent, because they’re compatible with everyday life. Your programme can include these components:

  • Personalised fitness programme, based on your preferences, fitness levels and body type
  • Personalised food programme, which can be updated every week
  • Tips that unlock personal willpower you didn’t know existed
  • If you live in Auckland, you can join me at my gym for personal training sessions and face-to-face coaching (gym membership fees apply)

“An hour’s workout with Yvonne vanishes in a flash. She’s such good company, you barely notice how hard you’re working. She has ways of getting you to do more than you’d ever manage on your own.”  Jo Joiner, client

 My food philosophy

For years I’ve been concerned about the health industry’s lack of effectiveness, because changes aren’t properly integrated into everyday lives. During my life I’ve been a dancer, a hairdresser, a body builder, a fitness trainer and top-level persona coach. Along the way I’ve been collecting nutrition wisdom that has allowed me to develop a new and exciting way of looking at food. Recently I conducted extensive food plan trials with a broad range of body types, ages and personalities.  The results were losses of between 5 and 8.6kg in the first month. All this without getting hungry. My programme has the potential to change lives, because it fits into real life.