Six of the best

Salad tip

When making a green salad ahead of time, put salt, oil and balsamic on the bottom of your serving bowl. Toss through just before you’re ready to serve.


Balancing acid in your body

Busy lifestyles and incorrect eating can make your body too acid, which isn’t good for health. An easy way to balance out your PH level is to drink 1tsp baking soda every morning in a glass of warm water.


Grease spots

To remove grease from your clothes use old fashion Sunlight soap and eucalyptus oil together.


For any little burn

The wax out of your ear works great.


Healing skin damage

A great healing product is the oil out of the vitamin E capsule (remove the plastic cover).


Getting ballpoint pen marks off clothes

Iron over a brown paper bag. The ink will melt and absorb into the paper.


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