Meet the  Auckland food and fitness coach you’ve been looking for

Yvonne Marvin small

Yvonne Marvin’s role in life is to give people a big push. She’s an Auckland personal trainer, a food coach, a mentor and an inspiration. She’s also the ultimate motivator for those aiming for the top. After listening to Yvonne, you begin to understand how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

“Growing up on the Hauraki Plains in New Zealand, I was a Highland dancing champion, a swimming champion and a marching girl. My classic rural New Zealand childhood gave me the belief that I could do anything. I put this philosophy to the test when I left school at 14 to train as a hairdresser. By the age of 17, I owned my own salon and was on my way to becoming a national hairdressing champion.

My romance with the gym began after years of trying all manner of fabulous slimming aids, including blow-up pants, home saunas and vibrating belts. The realisation that you could radically change your body shape with weight training enticed me into the unforgiving world of body-building, where female competitors appear on stage in little more than a few postage stamps held together with dental floss. I stuck at it, used up countless bottles of fake tan and eventually became a national bodybuilding champion.

More recently, as a trainer and coach, I’ve focused on helping people believe in themselves and fulfil their potential. My knowledge of exercise, nutrition and human nature is empowering men and women to achieve their health and fitness goals.”

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